We supply high quality products that meet international standards

We are an organisation that incorporates and truly believes in the “Element of Care”.


A medicine supplier plays a critical role in the healthcare ecosystem by ensuring the timely and efficient distribution of pharmaceutical products to healthcare facilities, pharmacies, and patients

HIV Care

HIV medicine suppliers are essential components of the healthcare system, specializing in the distribution of antiretroviral medications and treatments designed to manage and mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS.

Veterinary Medicines

Veterinary medicine suppliers serve as crucial intermediaries within the animal healthcare industry, providing a diverse range of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical devices, and nutritional products tailored for animals.

Clinical consumables and laboratory equipment

This is the primary source of revenue for most laboratory equipment supply and service businesses. Businesses in this sector typically sell a wide range of laboratory equipment, including microscopes, centrifuges, incubators, and other essential tools for scientific research.

About Us

Element Medical Suppliers (Pty) Ltd was incorporated in 2015 and from strength to strength has become a world-class medical/clinical devices, veterinarian and pharmaceutical distributor with physical presence and operations in the Southern African countries with our head Office located in Namibia. We have an in-depth understanding of the Regulatory landscape and market dynamics of the SADC market which has seen our operations grow year on year. The growth success of the company is attributed in part to highly qualified personnel with a clear pharmaceutical market understanding and in part to its practice of partnering with best manufacturers globally. We plan on setting up a clinical manufacturing plant in Otjiwarongo in the near future to satisfy our local market and beyond the borders.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to ensuring that we provide high quality products that adhere to International Standards and to ensure patient safety. One of the major problems that has surfaced in the industry is low quality products which are distributed to health facilities and y have no positive health effects at times causing major drawbacks in quality service delivery. We are an organisation that embodies and truly believes in the “Element of care”.

Our Vision

We at Element Medical Suppliers (Pty) Ltd strive towards being the leading import wholesaler in the industry by supplying the market with high demand products that are affordable, without compromising on quality. As prominent medical suppliers, We take the hassle out of international trade by sourcing the best supplies and shipping them to your door. Our bulk buying potential allows us to provide the best products and cost advantage by sourcing the most reliable, trustworthy and legitimate vendors.

Our Mission

Our Mission as Element Medical Suppliers (Pty) Ltdis to promote our values of integrity, honesty and to gain the mutual trust of customers and suppliers alike by keeping our service, price and quality to the highest standards at all times. To develop and maintain strong business relationships with our customers in order to anticipate and satisfy their requirements in a timely and convenient manner. To treat every client, no matter what the size of their business, with
a friendly personalised approach.

Target Market

Our Mission as Element Medical Suppliers (Pty) Ltd supplies a wide range of clients and industries from medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and other industries as well as the private industries. Whether you are a state owned hospital, medical company or pharmaceutical company, our goal is to make quality products available to you at a reasonable price, sourced from leading manufacturers locally and around the world.